What is link building?

So link building I always say is basically digital endorsement.  Back in the olden days (pre 1990s) we didn’t have social media, smart phones etc.  and we used to have to talk to each other!  (Scary to think huh!)  If Tom had a best friend named Harry and told Harry that Dick was a great plumber then Harry would use Dick as his plumber!  That was a referral, a recommendation.  I see link building as a digital web of referrals. Not all links are created equal though!  Obviously the better quality the link the more SEO juice it will give your site.  Anyone can buy a web domain for a few pounds and setup an empty one page website in seconds.  If they then did this 1000 times and put a link in each of those pages pointing at their website it would do zilch.  Why? Because those pages are not seen as high quality by the search engines so it all comes down to the authority of the links not the quantity, quality over quantity.  Obviously getting high quality links takes more work to achieve but it is worth it.  We offer comprehensive monthly link building packages to achieve just this.   A great way to find links is to analyze other competitors in your market place and reverse engineer this back links!  Another great method is to find links to articles that are now broken.  If you have an article that can replace that content with great relevant content to that broken link that can be a great way to achieve some high authority links.  If you are an expert in your field you can also look at guest writing.  What this means is you write articles that are published on high authority sites and they link back to you.