What is Onsite SEO?

The first step in building your website should have been on making your website extremely attractive to the search engines and to actual human users.  This means the site is built so that is is crawlable to the search engines, not spammy with great content (content is king!. Page titles that are descriptive of what you do (Not just using the word Home to describe the page),  meta descriptions, photos with descriptive alt tags, proper use of heading tags on important titles throughout the page.  A fast loading site that is fully responsive across all devices and easy to navigate and use for the end user.    Descriptive weekly blog articles in your area of expertise are a great way to increase the value of your website.  Don’t just think of this as a way for you to make money, think of the service you are providing to the online community.  Give and you shall receive! It’s all Karma baby! 😉
Back in the 90s and early 2000’s you could literally just stuff a page with keywords hidden the same background colour to be found in the search engines but Google etc. got smart, they have evolved to be incredibly precise with very smart algorithms so it’s is extremely important that your site has genuine high quality content, remember back there, content is king?  You do! Don’t forget that.  It is imperative to your site!

We can conduct an onsite audit of your website to see where you are currently at and make suggestions or you can provide us access to make modifications to improve your sites current onsite SEO.