What is SEO?

So you have your brand spanking new website built to look absolutely incredible but what gives, no visitors!  Read on to learn what SEO is and why it is even more important than your actual website.

Search engine optimization, or SEO as we will refer to it for the remainder of this text, is extremely important when it comes to your online presence.  You can have the best products, all the expertise in your field but if your site has no visitors it is going to be extremely difficult for your business to thrive.  No clicks means no leads, no leads mean no conversions.  No conversions means no income, you get where we are going!
In the development stage of your website SEO should have always been part of the discussion and the site should have been structured around that. SEO Online marketing is the combination of both onsite optimization and offsite optimization.
Effective practice in both of these fields should be implemented by anyone wanting to increase their visitor count and build their brand.