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Cowboy Gear

Cowboy Gear sell Premium apparael and accessories in Calgary, Alberta.


The Brief

When they approached us, they were facing a significant challenge with their pre-existing WooCommerce store. It had been infected with malware, jeopardizing the security and functionality of their website. The plan was to rebrand aand move all of their existing products from the previous site onto our hosting and a fresh new theme and designed site.

The Deliverables


To build a fast, userfriendly and responsive WordPress theme that is fully compatible with Woocommerce.

The Results

As part of the migration process, we developed a bespoke urban-themed theme specifically tailored to meet their requirements. This new theme not only provided a unique and visually appealing design but also offered enhanced functionality and improved user experience.

With meticulous attention to detail, we meticulously transferred their products from the infected site to the new WooCommerce store. We ensured that all product information, images, pricing, and inventory data were accurately migrated, preserving their essential business data.

The result was a seamless transition to a new and secure platform, free from malware and ready to facilitate their online sales. The bespoke urban-flavored theme added a distinct personality and style to their store, enhancing their brand identity and attracting their target audience.

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