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Essex Timber & Plywood

Essex Timber & Plywood, formerly trading as Eastwood Timber, is a timber and lumber home improvement store located in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.


Colour Palette

  • #123456
  • #18335c
  • #153c6b
  • #f7e000
  • #ffffff

The Brief

The previous website of Essex Timber & Plywood, while functional, had limitations in terms of e-commerce capabilities and brand consistency. It was hosted on a different domain to their new trading name, resulting in a mismatch with their brand so did not feature their stores new color palette. To address these shortcomings, the company sought a new website that seamlessly integrated with their existing POS/Inventory system, boasted user-friendly navigation, and reflected their brand identity through a combination of the blue and yellow used in their shop branding. Additionally, a new logo was required to further enhance their visual representation.

The Deliverables


We revamped their website using WooCommerce, seamlessly integrating it with their existing inventory POS system, while prominently featuring their brand colors of blue and yellow. To enhance the user experience and drive conversions, we implemented Ajax search functionality, allowing customers find desired products fast and efficiently. Additionally, we incorporated an easy-to-use VAT toggle, enabling VAT-exempt trade customers to effortlessly remove the VAT. The inclusion of a postcode lookup feature connected to a reliable postcode API streamlines the ordering process, while automated order api printing facilitates efficient packing by their dedicated team.

Google tags and analytics were implemented so we can monitor visits to the site and track each stage of the buyers journey to ensure that we don’t lose customers due to an issue in our sales funnel.  We also added abandoned cart to give customers who didnt complete their purchase a gentle nudge and to remind them to check out.

We have also implemented TrustPilot.  After a period of two weeks an automated email will be sent to the customer to ensure the buying experience was fast and easy for them.

Finally, we designed a distinctive yet simple logo that perfectly complements their overall branding, leaving a lasting impression.


The previous website faced challenges with poor-quality backlinks and low domain and page authority due to its outdated URL. To mitigate any potential negative impacts, we executed a comprehensive SEO migration to seamlessly transition to the new site, ensuring that previously indexed content would lead users to the corresponding new content. Simultaneously, we implemented onsite SEO strategies during the website development process. Currently, we are actively running an offsite campaign, which has already yielded promising results, with their key phrases steadily climbing in search engine rankings.  We have also added an email campaign and remarketing campaign to our arsenal of tools to help Essex Timber & Plywood thrive online.



The Results

The newly launched website has achieved an impressive A rating in GTMetrix, indicating its outstanding performance. Additionally, it has received consistently high scores in all aspects of Google PageInsights, with ratings in the high 90s. Although we did not have access to the analytics data from the previous site, the current website is already demonstrating exceptional performance. This is further validated by numerous TrustPilot reviews generated from successful sales on the site, with customers explicitly highlighting the remarkable user-friendliness of the new platform. These positive reviews serve as a testament to the significant improvements made in enhancing the overall user experience. With customers now able to buy online and select either click and collect or delivery it has streamlined the process for their staff as they are given ample heads up to prepare the customers order for pickup or delivery.

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