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Gracia Law

Mr. Paul Gracia is a former Crown Prosecutor now acting as defence counsel and has now successfully represented over 1500 clients.

We began collaborating with Gracia Law in 2016 after their previous SEO company employed poor practices, resulting in a complete drop from Google’s top 100 search results. To address this issue, we disavowed all previous links and embarked on a journey to restore their website’s visibility on Google. Additionally, we had the opportunity to create a new logo for them. The client had a specific vision for the logo, which incorporated various meaningful elements. Despite the initial setback, the website began to regain its position in the search engine results within just six months.

In 2021, we undertook a complete redesign of the website. The client, Paul, expressed the desire for the site to offer abundant information and feature a dedicated client-only section with relevant forms. These forms are created in HTML format and then converted into PDFs for convenient filing purposes within their office.


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