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Town Of Clyde River

Clyde River (Inuktitut: Kanngiqtugaapik translated “Nice Little Inlet”) is a traditional Inuit community of approximately 1000 residents located on the shore of Baffin Island’s Patricia Bay, off Clyde Inlet, an arm of Davis Strait in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut Canada.


Colour Palette

  • #092c46
  • #ca2e91
  • #0c496d
  • #7f1f60
  • #eeeeee

The Brief

With a clear framework of content and a preferred color palette provided by the client, our objective was to develop a responsive website that fosters increased engagement within the community. Additionally, we aimed to create a dedicated business section that streamlines the process of relaying important forms and information to both new and existing businesses.

The Deliverables


We had built their previous two websites and they wanted a fresh update encompassing a pallete scheme they had selected. Together we framed out their page content and produced mocks before putting it into production to build them a new responsive bespoke WordPress theme.

Having built their two previous websites, we were thrilled to collaborate with the client once again to provide them with a fresh update that perfectly aligned with their vision. They had selected a specific color palette, which served as the foundation for our design process.

Working closely with the client, we meticulously framed out the page content, ensuring that each element serves a purpose and contributes to the overall user experience. We created detailed mockups that showcased the envisioned design and layout, allowing the client to visualize the final outcome before moving into production.

The Results

Using our expertise in web development, we brought their vision to life by building a responsive and bespoke WordPress theme.
Every aspect of the theme was carefully crafted to meet their unique requirements, ensuring seamless functionality and optimal performance across various devices.
In the business section, we implemented intuitive features and functionalities that simplify the process of submitting forms and accessing crucial information, catering specifically to the needs of businesses. The website has an A ranking on GMetrix.

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